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1125: Oh Boy

Is it wrong that I want to look at your asshole? February 10, 2010

Show Notes

  • — How's Your Asshole?: Go to Whole Foods and get some tea tree oil and shea butter for your butt
  • — Oh Boy, Snow's Coming: Get your shotguns, it's going to snow. Yes, I've been reading the dictionary.
  • — Jasmine Miranda in L.A.: I'm 19, I've been dating a girl for a while, which is 4 months, and I would like to propose to her on the show. Nevermind, she just dumped me.
  • — Terrestrial Radio: Support your guests
  • — Orange Jews: Myq will do anything Myka says. I think they have a good relationship except neither one of them is happy.
  • — Pull The Lever: Michael Jackson used to pee in jars and let people watch, when he was alive I mean
  • — Retarded Children: When I was a kid I stole money from my mom's purse, she left it out, I thought it was a test
  • — The Deadliest Catch: Remember next time you're at a buffet and you don't eat all your crab, someone died for that
  • — There's No Raffle In Prison: I can't wrap my mind around a coupon that buys you cigarettes and brownies
  • — 75 Degrees Of Toyoda: Thank you, thank you for this mandatory recall of my car
  • — The Yellow Line: A railroad service color codes China Town, when the train stops at the station it makes the sound ching-chong
  • — The Ad Wizards: American Airlines charges 8 dollars for a pillow and a blanket
  • — Flash Mob Wars: A group of kids flash-mobbed at the mall and beat people, so our flash mob was followed by the police
  • — Douchebag John Mayer: Here's the thing, I get less ass now than when I was in a local band


Micah ShermanMicah Sherman

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