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1182: Acid Comedy

I think I hate a fourth of my audience. They're fuckin' idiots! May 18, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Get Rich Cheating: A guide to getting by and getting rich by being immoral
  • — The ECNY Awards: Keith and Chemda present an award to the one person they couldn't remember
  • — The Bests: The same people get nominated every year, and the producers always win
  • — Penetrating The Comedy: Ben and Jeff struggle to penetrate comedic circles and gain exposure
  • — NyQuil Nights: Chemda guiltily indulges in a daily dose of NyQuil
  • — Bad Lieutenant: Nicholas Cage stars in a movie that is a copy/paste of another movie, but not a remake
  • — The Informant: Something about the script, the characters, the plot and the whole movie was off
  • — Universal Art: A fan thinks Keith mocking people who disagree with him is lame
  • — Awkward Comedy: Men find it acid-funny because it is as awkward and uncomfortable as they are
  • — Justin Beiber 2.0: Greyson Chance, the Paparazzi star, gets signed over the phone with the help of Lady Gaga
  • — One And A Half Men: Charlie Sheen agrees to stay on the show for two more seasons
  • — Anesthesia: A woman is wide awake but unable to move during surgery
  • — Infestation: A man is bit by a poisonous spider on his penis
  • — Rude Awakening: A goody-2-shoes finds a Dio album and is enlightened into Satan's world
  • — Just Be Cordial: A fan has a girlfriend who broke up with him with no explanation

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