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1274: The Hangover

Wow, you never fuck! October 18, 2010

Show Notes

  • — Where Were They?: The Rock of Love girls are featured on VH1's Where Are They Now?
  • — Patient Zero: The actor who spread HIV in the porn industry used to be in gay porn, where they typically use condoms in place of disease testing
  • — KATG Merch: Keith breaks three different beer bottles with regular bottle openers before using the far superior KATG version
  • — P!SP!: Angie the strange Dunnigan wears a Party! Super Party! shirt in her band's music video
  • — Real Life Logo: Beefo makes a Halloween costume of Keith from the KATG logo
  • — Helping Hand: Jesse Joyce saves a listener from killing themselves
  • — Rape, Schmape: Keith brags about the Steelers on Twitter and gets ready for the Pittsburgh Live Show
  • — Coming Up Short: Brett Favre finally wins a football game, and the Detroit Lions are the worst team of anything ever
  • — Drug Dealing: No one is ever good at the drug hand-off handshake
  • — Dive Bars: Ben witnesses the sale of bootleg liquor, a bar fight, and a prostitution-proof bathroom during his search for the best dive bars in New York City
  • — One More Round: Buying drinks for your friends is more confusing than it should be, mainly due to assholes and bartender behavior
  • — Cock and Balls: Jackass 3D gets away with repetition because of the new technology included in the film
  • — Bad Drunk: Kyle blacks out at Jackass 3D and acts like a douche to everybody
  • — Fucking and Sucking: Keith fills out a dating site profile and gets no responses
  • — R Rating: Snooki signs autographs in New Jersey for a bunch of kids. Where are their parents?
  • — Shitter Island: Keith figures out the plot to Shutter Island right away
  • — The Hangover 2: Mel Gibson is set to appear as a tattoo artist in the sequel to The Hangover
  • — You Dated This Guy?: Cat helps Keith format his autobiography, marking a huge step forward in their relationship
  • — 17 Days: Chilean miners deny allegations of gay sex during the first 17 days they were trapped underground
  • — Encyclopedia Britannica: Keith doesn't want to involve his hometown or his parents in the release of his autobiography


Ben WesthoffBen Westhoff

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