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1382: Sucked In

You SHOULD be cringing. May 5, 2011

Show Notes

  • — U!S!A!: A man starts a half-assed chant for America on the subway, and no one joins in
  • — Geronimo EKIA: Some people are upset that they used Geronimo for Osama bin Laden's code name
  • — Cinco de Mayo: It's not Mexican Independence Day, but it is time to get fucked up
  • — You Can't Boo Rape: A high school cheerleader gets kicked off the squad for refusing to cheer for the basketball team, because one of the players raped her
  • — Not Attending: A man is suing his would-be wife for standing him up at their lavishly expensive wedding
  • — Getting On The Ride: People get caught up in the idea of a wedding, but lots of people know that they are getting divorced while standing at the altar
  • — Shedding The Light: Julio explains the hardships of his marriage, and why he still love his wife
  • — Do Me: A woman in Dubai is suing her husband for $11,000,000 because of his erectile dysfunction
  • — The Male Ego: It's not about who's better at having sex with Chemda, it's about what is going on in the male mind
  • — Let's Get Lost: Girls love EVERYTHING! Guys fall in love women so much that they ignore every other social facet of their life
  • — Whoops: Two guys rob a place, but one of the thieves dials 911 in his pocket by mistake as they reveal all their plans


Dan MahoneyDan Mahoney

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