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1458: The Roast Master

I had to keep reminding myself what a fuckin' douche he was. September 8, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Bug-Eyed Prick: Keith has been writing insulting show alerts tailored to each Roast guest
  • — Hick Folk: The trailer for Straw Dogs gives away the movie
  • — B12: The Battleship movie has aliens and Jesse doesn't like it
  • — Horseshit: Keith has flashbacks to Chemda's behavior during board games
  • — Hey-Oh!: Campaign commercials are shitty and politicians are dumb and voters are stupid
  • — Please: A crazy old man in Astoria wants people to say good morning to him in the afternoon
  • — First offense: Cops are suing for having to take a breathalyzer test after shooting people
  • — Vaped: Jesse started smoking again because of pressure from the KATG Roast
  • — Grandfathered In: Jesse is writing for Seth MacFarlane, roast master of the upcoming Charlie Sheen roast
  • — Uncle Jesse: The first anniversary of Greg Giraldo's death is coming up and Jesse hung out with Greg's kids
  • — Legends: Jesse met Ron Jeremy at a fundraiser, and Keith avoided meeting Larry Flint at an abandoned building
  • — Dish: TMZ called Jesse immediately after Greg Giraldo's funeral to ask about it
  • — Delivery: Jesse reads never-to-be-performed jokes from his phone
  • — Silver Dragon: Keith followed Victor's suggestion and wrote his poll prediction in a sealed envelope
  • — Lame: Friends with benefits aren't allowed to be very good friends for some bizarre reason
  • — Pills Are Good: A man in Arkansas died wearing only a dog collar in an empty hot tub with a weather man in somebody else's home
  • — Depressing: A New Jersey woman sued her boss for telling her to stop talking about her dead kid at work


Jesse JoyceJesse Joyce

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