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1460: Elvis Lives

Get a tattoo, and quit fuckin' cryin'. September 12, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Lifesaver: Elvis Rico and Keith helped each other get through rough patches in their lives
  • — Benzene: Elvis' leukemia may have been caused by his job at a power plant
  • — Leukemia Doesn't Have Me: Elvis got several KATG tattoos while he had leukemia
  • — Probation: Elvis' ex-wife stole $40,000 from a bank and cheated on him while he was on heavy medication
  • — I Was Workin' At Dillard's: Elvis' first daughter was unplanned, and the mother intended to give her up for adoption
  • — Gypsy Music: Elvis' dad loves Chemda's singing
  • — Ride It Out: Now Elvis is dating a doctor who takes his cancer more seriously than he does
  • — Playing Doctor: The doctor girlfriend wants to examine Elvis, but he'd rather go to someone he doesn't fuck
  • — Reminder: Osama Bin Laden is dead, repeat, Osama Bin Laden is dead
  • — Tragedy: 9/11 memorial videos shouldn't cut into football unless the Steelers are losing
  • — Pressure: The entire economy of Pittsburgh depends on the Steelers
  • — Ooh A Building: Keith is sarcastic towards tourism, but hopefully DC will strike a patriotic chord
  • — Bored Sick: Contagion is a boring movie about people dying
  • — Gentle Giant: Elvis is intimidated by New York despite being a big, scary dude
  • — Do Chewbacca: Elvis does impressions of people with his voice
  • — Beacon Of Hope: Elvis was offered a management position at his gym after going there for three months


Elvis RicoElvis Rico

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