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1488: Life & Style

Do I get paid if I fuckin' hit this guy? November 4, 2011

Show Notes

  • — Sheep: Big Jay Oakerson did stand-up opening for Korn and survived by annihilating hecklers
  • — Teddy Bear: Women love Jay despite him being fat and married
  • — True Friends: Jay's comedian friends talked him out of getting a 666 tattoo
  • — Sinful: Jay had a kid with his wife several years before they were married
  • — Homo: Jay barely drinks and takes a beer onstage mostly for show
  • — FUBU: Jay did a show at a ski resort and punched an audience member unconscious in the middle of his set
  • — Hammer Pants: Jay bought fad clothes as a kid and modeled them for his mom
  • — Scrooge McDuck: 19% of KATG listeners are a part of the infamous 1%
  • — Foreign Labor: Cat got a job in New York and Keith is counting the days to his retirement
  • — Exploitation: The band Disturbed made Jay grovel to go on a second Korn tour and then fired him
  • — Oh Well: 52% of KATG listeners believe the political and corporate machine is too big to change
  • — Muppet Body: Jay lived with Joe DeRosa and they shared a dick-on-cheek moment
  • — Ethnic: Black comedy crowds get mad at gay humor
  • — Research: Hilary Swank was hired to make a friendly speech at a party for a corrupt Chechen dictator
  • — Normal People: Vanessa Hessler was fired from an ad campaign after speaking positively about her affair with Gaddafi's son
  • — Alliteration: An Alabama auto dealer has to pay $7,500,000 for calling his rival's business Taliban Toyota
  • — Kids Are Cunts: The Girl Scouts of Colorado didn't allow a transgendered girl to join, but they relented
  • — Disorder: Jay and Chemda disagree on the subject of transgenderism
  • — Better Days: KATG saved a British listener's life
  • — Mouse Babies: An obese listener explains how fat people fuck and Jay isn't fat enough to be a spectacle
  • — Academia: Listeners who write papers about KATG always get A's


Jay OakersonJay Oakerson

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