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1546: God's Bananas

I knew... until I got my first blowjob... March 5, 2012

Show Notes

  • — House Fiance: Cat is starting her architecture job and Keith is going to miss his eggs
  • — Curmudgeony: Keith and Cat went to brunch and had trouble with the badly-designed chairs. The restaurant closed soon after. Keith repeatedly sees this happen.
  • — Up: Keith saw the Oscar-winning movies The Artist (no thank you), Hugo (for old people), Rango (thumbs down), and Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (annoying)
  • — Knight Fighter: Ricky Gervais' show Life's Too Short is good, and Game of Thrones is good but catty
  • — Vacay: Cat is a hard worker and has been going crazy without a job
  • — Some Such Stores: Cat got a scam call offering a Wal-Mart rebate for $2.90
  • — Pharaoh: Keith got a mysterious text about honey never going bad and had to unsubscribe
  • — Red Lobster: Weddings cost $26,000 on average, and each guest adds approximately $200 to the bill
  • — Teetotaler: Keith's parents may be resistant to having alcohol at the wedding
  • — Tommy: Keith doesn't know who amongst his extended family is dead
  • — Gouged: A Detroit man filed a class-action lawsuit against movie theaters for overpriced snacks
  • — Comedian: Advertisers are dropping Rush Limbaugh for calling law student Sandra Fluke a slut and a prostitute after she spoke out in favor of contraception coverage
  • — He's Still Handsome: Kirk Cameron was interviewed by Piers Morgan and said that homosexuality is unnatural
  • — One Size Fits All: Somebody retarded argued that bananas are proof of the existence of God
  • — Short Stories: Rosie O'Donnell said that little people creep her out, and a dwarf died after he was picked up by drunk strangers and tossed
  • — Awesome: The 900-year-old Heart of Saint Lawrence O'Toole was stolen from Christ Church Cathedral in Dublin
  • — Bloodsucker: A 2-week-old baby died of herpes contracted through circumcision
  • — Business Side: Chemda's brother Andrew interviewed her for his website

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