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1548: Seven Years Down

Yeah, at your wedding you fuck your cousin. March 7, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Beautiful: A listener wrote in about how he discovered KATG while taking a break from gay porn
  • — Harvard, Everybody: Another listener wrote in to tell Keith and Chemda how much they're appreciated in case they die tomorrow
  • — Drunk Maniac: Molly once had sex with a sound guy and talked about it on the show, then the story got back to him and his coworkers
  • — Whiskey Shots: Molly is looking for love but doesn't want kids, and now that Keith is engaged she has to give up on her love for him
  • — Red Or White: Keith and Chemda had their show anniversary dinner last night at a fancy restaurant where the staff looked down on them for using Groupon
  • — Somewhere Out There: John and Molly don't know their extended family well despite having thousands of Irish cousins; Keith wishes he knew his better; Chemda doesn't like hers
  • — Regrets: 9% of listeners are glad they sent in a stand-up submission while 13% wish they had
  • — Girls' Club: 74% of listeners have been bullied and 26% of listeners have blocked it out, and Molly is trying to teach kids not to be mean
  • — Fellow Woman: Patricia Heaton of Everybody Loves Raymond hated on Sandra Fluke via Twitter
  • — Lightly Push: John got arrested at an Occupy Wall Street rally and Molly took pictures and wrote an article about it. Now John is on trial for resisting arrest.
  • — Only In Broadcast Journalism, Kids: Cindy Adams is unhappy that news anchor Sue Simmons is being let go

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