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1606: Quite Frank

You're gay? Now I'll have to put my face in shit! June 14, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Sorry: Keith disturbs strangers in his neighborhood with a staple gun, but all Chemda needs is a hot dress
  • — Pretty People: Writer/performer Frank DeCaro describes his former career as a fashion editor
  • — I Made It Easy For Me: Frank and his husband got married on their 15th anniversary to make the date easier to remember
  • — Drama Queen: Frank's parents loved his now-husband, but their initial reaction was terrible when Frank came out in high school
  • — Faggot Every Day: One of Frank's high school bullies apologized to him as an adult
  • — Match Game: Parents are starting to allow their kids more freedom outside of preconceived gender identity
  • — I Forgot: A police academy applicant was turned away because he believes gays should be locked up
  • — Justin Bieber: Frank names some of the best and worst guests from his career as a talk show host
  • — Remember In Transformers: An interviewer was stonewalled after asking Megan Fox if she was pregnant
  • — Ghettoized: Frank describes the lavender ceiling that holds back gay people professionally
  • — In Your Presence: All the judges on The X-Factor walked off after an auditioner wouldn't turn to face them
  • — Constructive Criticism: Frank shares his experience with critics and negative press
  • — Don't Wake Daddy: Tonka, Candy Land, and Risk are movies in pre-production
  • — Turducken Culture: Burger King is offering ice cream with bacon
  • — That Bathroom Problem: A man urinating at an Arby's was burned by a steam jet from the urinal
  • — Testify: Lance Armstrong is alleged to have been on performance-enhancing drugs since the mid-90s
  • — I've Grown Today: Keith and Kristen Johnston have a loving back-and-forth via Twitter after their awkward first encounter
  • — Late For Christmas: Frank has put together several books in tribute to celebrities


Frank DeCaroFrank DeCaro

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