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1657: Would You Rather

I feel like I got AIDS. September 24, 2012

Show Notes

  • — Movie Star: Danny Hatch taught everyone the Would You Rather game at camping
  • — Ordeal: Keith's computer has recovered from the viral attack
  • — Don't Vote: The Romney/Obama debate is coming up
  • — Get It: The Tony Awards won the Emmy for Best Comedy
  • — Not It: A BMW scraped itself on Chemda's car while she was parking
  • — Closure: A listener sent Chemda a virtual high-five for the Death episode of What's My Name
  • — Jesus Or Us: Another listener wrote in to protest Keith's attitude toward Christians
  • — Work Voice: Brother Love hosted the latest episode of INTERNment
  • — Cake Day: A listener wrote in about getting KATG VIP for his birthday
  • — Health Kick: A Georgia shooting range has a liquor license. Arkansas is opening up medical marijuana to a vote.
  • — Dumb Dunce: A flight attendant tried to bring a loaded gun to the airport


Danny HatchDanny Hatch

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