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1725: Dicks, Clits, and Everything in Between

I love cummy dick shaft, and, I gotta be honest, over the years I've had too much cum in my eye. February 12, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Cold Spaghetti: Josh the Jew writes in to get The Wiggles' song Hot Potato, Hot Potato stuck in everybody's head
  • — Tit Tuesday: Keith is firmly not taking part in Lent, despite his Catholic origins
  • — Fat Chance: The majority of listeners think Kelly Clarkson is fat and say FANK YOU! to Adele
  • — Spice Channel: Keith and Chemda introduce a time when they did a show for literal jerk-offs
  • — Serious (XM) Shit: Keith poses an ethical question about Batman and Chemda goes to look for some alcohol
  • — Epiphany: Chemda decides she doesn't want to be someone who jerks off callers over the phone
  • — Then Die!: Keith grants the interns permission to eat
  • — Bumblebrag: Keith McNally has a large penis, which he has a tough time trying to fit into the anus of the fairer sex
  • — Keep Touchin', Bro: Keith tries his hand at getting callers off by telling them about riddles and giving them shopping advice
  • — Edible Blueberry Lube: McNally used to work in a porn store and was disappointed at the relative lack of glamour


Keith McNallyKeith McNally

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