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1737: Another Drink?

Oh, I love the way it gapes! March 4, 2013

Show Notes

  • — This Week In Babies: A baby born with HIV seems to have been cured with just basic HIV-medication; another baby was delivered after both of its Orthodox Jewish parents were killed in a hit-and-run, but later died
  • — Caveat: Keith tried to be a good person and invite his neighbor over to socialize, and it went super duper
  • — Oscar, Oscar: Oscar Pistorius held a vigil for the woman he murdered
  • — OB-GYNo Thanks: A Johns Hopkins gynecologist killed himself after it was discovered he was filming examinations with a camera hidden on his pen
  • — Malpractice: A resident in a nursing home died after a nurse refused to perform CPR
  • — Only In Florida: A man died after the ground literally swallowed him whole and a woman was injured after her friend's oven opened fire at her
  • — Running Club: Chemda is faster than Danny, it turns out, because Danny doesn't know how to follow directions while running

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