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1742: Cake Boss

You're my partner, and you've been stealing money from me! March 11, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Old 97's: Sweden's Princess Lilian died at the age of 97 and Chemda can't believe Keith doesn't think she's pretty
  • — Nothin' But A Good Time: KATG's anniversary party was a super party
  • — Closure: Ray Devito finally secured his own mailing list from Dan Allen
  • — Calvin Caveman: Keith showed his lack of fashion sense at The Gap
  • — Toll House: Keith and Chemda celebrated KATG's 8-year anniversary together at a fancy restaurant where they weren't respected by the restaurant's staff
  • — Gluttony/Matrimony: Keith and Cat went to a tasting event to narrow down the food choices for their wedding
  • — Big Coca-Cola: The NYC soda ban has been torpedoed just one day before it was supposed to go into effect
  • — Beelze-Bum-Back: A man is suing a church in Tennessee for an exorcism gone wrong
  • — Hen House: Elizabeth Hasselbeck was fired from The View, and Joy Behar announced she will leave as well

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