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1743: Hot Coffee

Maybe I know better, but they have to be talking about my dick. March 12, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Off Mic: Josh Gondelman is in the studio after slaying on Danny Hatch's comedy show despite the lack of a working microphone
  • — Naked Ambition: Josh did a comedy show completely in the nude earlier in his career
  • — Going Viral: Cat's father and stepmother are in town to visit and have hinted that they've heard at least one episode of KATG
  • — Still Keepin' It Real: Keith doesn't appreciate dining with coffee drinkers
  • — The Listeners Have Spoken: 97-year-old dead Swedish princesses are sexy; Harry Potter didn't have sex with a horse; it's not fair for a transgender woman to beat up other women; Dan Allen is worse than Hugo Chavez; and Crips are better than Bloods
  • — Just Desserts: The 'Cannibal Cop' has been found guilty of conspiring to kidnap and eat women, despite neither kidnapping nor eating women
  • — Christmas Miracle: Sarah Palin is releasing a new book that she totally knew how to write

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