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1744: What is Love?

I grab him by the shirt collar, and, in Spanish, I tell him to get the fuck outta here before I kill him. March 13, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Racial Spectrum: Comedian Harry Terjanian is in the studio and the Catholic Church found a new Pope
  • — Too Many Friends: Harry didn't realize his pal Chris Iacono moved to Denver because keeping track of friends is a to-do
  • — Right To Big Gulps: The soda ban has officially been declared unconstitutional and the Supreme Court likes to take its sweet time
  • — Heavy: Harry's big vice is food, and Chemda constantly contemplates joining Weight Watchers
  • — Short Leash, Long Lease: Harry lives with his ex-wife
  • — Congrats, Lizsquiz: As it turns out, Keith lost the black-Pope bet and the world welcomes 76-year-old Pope Francis I of Argentina
  • — Trapped In The Closet: Harry, as an adult, caught his mother cheating on his father with the help
  • — Tom Shillue Redux: Chemda believes Harry to be sexist because he thinks women control sexual situations more than men do, especially whenever cheating takes place
  • — Tattoo, Tattoo: Jorge from Australia is the proud owner of KATG Tattoo #125

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