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1745: 5th Annual KATGuh Award Winners

You can't get away from Keith and The Girl! March 14, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Pope-a! Pope-a!: There's a new Pope, and His Holiness is gonna make everything right
  • — Where Are You Now, God?: Keith loses a little more faith any time he hears a glitch in the show or faces a technical difficulty
  • — Run To The Hills: Clive Burr, Iron Maiden's original drummer, plays the great gig in the sky
  • — The 5th Annual KATGuh Award Winners
  • — Best New Guest: Danny Hatch
  • — Best KATGtv Episode: Lucas McCain for The Keith and The Girl Roast (KATGtv #37)
  • — Best Impression: James Adomian as Richard Branson (show #1602)
  • — Best Musical Performance: Tim Dimond for Tim Dimond and The Harry Potter Rap Battle (show #1540)
  • — Most Ridiculous Moment: Deandre for Deandre's Letter (show #1524)
  • — Keith's Most Absurd Moment: Peyton Clarkson for Keith Lifts Peyton Clarkson's Spirits (show #1524)
  • — Most Shocking Moment: Peter Grossman for John Petrie is Found (show #1567)
  • — Most Touching Moment: Peter Grossman and Sarah Temeck for Peter and Sarah's On-Air Proposal (show #1567)
  • — Best KATG Spin-Off Episode: Keith McNally for My Name Is Keith: The Pit (Our Name Is Keiths) (MNIK #3)
  • — Spirit Award: Sparrow
  • — MVP Award: Chemda

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