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1747: Hard Copy

Second prize is a set of steak knives. What is third prize? March 19, 2013

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  • — Friend Zone: Tim Dillon, Keith's new Twitter buddy and Chemda's new food-addict pal, is in the studio
  • — Regret House: Tim lives in Hell's Kitchen with a bunch of other comedians in an apartment whose shower is in its kitchen
  • — Nurture, Not Nature: Tim blames his parents for making him gay and giving him a food disorder because they took him to restaurant menu tastings as a child
  • — Steakhouses And Crackhouses: Tim is now sober after having had his house foreclosed on during his period of inebriation
  • — 286: Tim weighs a lot, which makes him insecure as a gay man
  • — Sweetheart: Tim formed a rapport with a murderer/torturer/rapist while he was on jury duty
  • — White Newsy: Tim much prefers having sex with closeted straight men to openly gay men
  • — Obama Lovers: Joseph Cassano, son of the NYC Fire Commissioner, quit his EMT job after being a racist on Twitter
  • — Prima-Bieber: Most people hate Justin Bieber, but Chemda thinks he's just a product of his upbringing and fame
  • — Go Figure: Tim ekes out a living as a copier salesman who knows nothing about copiers
  • — I Won't Forget You: Bret Michaels tweeted a picture of himself and Kim Kardashian to Eva Longoria, thinking that she was Kim Kardashian


Tim DillonTim Dillon

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