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1749: The Howdy Ding Dynasty

That is the last hot dog and Kool-Aid party you're ever invited to, funny guy. March 21, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Foreign Policy: Costaki Economopoulos is in the studio, and Keith explains how bland Greece is and what a mess Cyprus has become
  • — Witchy Woman: Costaki has been in a new-ish relationship for about a year while he lives across the street from his ex, Caroline Rhea
  • — Upside Down: Costaki is going to see Pink in concert with his girlfriend
  • — Millionaires: 67% of the audience wouldn't give some money back to the original owner of the $3 bowl if they happened to resell it for $2,200,000
  • — Kool-Aid And Hot Dog Party: Costaki initially cries foul at Keith's diagnosis of himself as a supertaster, but is soon convinced otherwise
  • — Rock Bottom: Costaki's car was stolen in Los Angeles, leading him to rethink all of his life decisions
  • — Louie Louie: The ratings for the first episode of ABC's celebrity diving show 'Splash' were almost as huge as Louie Anderson
  • — Evil: A young man who shot up a high school in Ohio wore a t-shirt with killer on it and told the victims' parents that he masturbates to the memory of murdering their children with the same hand that killed them
  • — Retweet It: Costaki has heard, time and time again, that Ellen Degeneres is a nightmare to work with

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