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1750: Mattress King

My dad doesn't know this; but, he loves me drunk. March 25, 2013

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  • — Criminals: Keith can't get over the fact that the Farmer's Insurance spokesperson is a Nazi rapist
  • — Sexism: Chemda hypothesizes that guys are easy as long as you talk to them like babies
  • — Universe Reverse Jinx: Keith's friend Adam Brown found out the sex of his upcoming baby
  • — Parental Guidance: Keith's dad still hasn't responded to Keith's latest email, and Chemda discovered that her mom loves her when Chemda is high
  • — Best New Guest: KATGuh award-winner Danny Hatch is in studio after being presented his Josh Latta-created award
  • — Glorious: Danny's 100 for 30 performance, the first in stunning HD, was released as a KATGtv.
  • — A Decent Standard Of Living: Danny slept on the floor for 3 months, and Keith can't comprehend it
  • — Green Card Has Fallen: Keith loved the new movie Olympus Has Fallen, and Chemda confused Gerard Butler with GĂ©rard Depardieu
  • — Winter's Bore: Keith gives his opinion on the movie Winter's Bone. Spoiler: He was bored senseless
  • — Jerry's Kids: A clip of Jerry Sandusky defending himself from jail has surfaced, featuring him literally laughing off the accusations that have been made against him
  • — Elmo Has Stink-Finger: The initial victim of ex-Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash is suing Clash again after not receiving his settlement, this time bringing up Elmo's meth parties
  • — Six Weeks To Life: Punxsutawney Phil, the groundhog responsible for predicting if we will have spring or more winter, is being sued because it's been very cold lately


Danny HatchDanny Hatch

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