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1751: Sleep Study

Cunt bitch! Die! You're fuckin' mean to people! You're a little bitch! March 26, 2013

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  • — We Got Wood: Jess Wood appeared on the Al Pacino-starring, David Mamet-directed Phil Spector biopic, which asserts that Spector didn't murder anyone
  • — Run Away Day: Tonight is the second night of Passover, which means we made it past the locusts and the dead first-borns
  • — Every Pearl Jam Song: Jess recently learned that the person she thought was her father isn't really her father
  • — Heritage: Jess doesn't believe in God but celebrates Passover because she enjoys eggs, honey and gefilte fish while Keith still doesn't know exactly what he is
  • — Can't Lose On Sales: Buzz Bissinger, the author of Friday Night Lights, recently came out as a shopaholic
  • — Sanctity Of Court Recess: The Supreme Court of the United States has come to the conclusion that they don't know how to come to a conclusion about gay marriage
  • — Moving You: Today is Diana Ross' 69th birthday, and Keith hasn't forgotten what a mean person she was to him
  • — Condom Vista: Bill Gates is offering $100,000 to whoever can invent the next generation of condom
  • — To The Mattresses: Feedback from yesterday's show regarding Danny and his previous lack of a mattress is analyzed
  • — Low Art: Tilda Swinton is sleeping in a glass box in NYC's Museum of Modern Art because... to show that... um...


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