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1757: Come Here, Piggy Piggy Piggy

Well, guess it's time to eat this wedding cake myself. April 4, 2013

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  • — Who?: Myka Fox, who is very pleased with herself, is in the studio
  • — Current Affairs: North Korea is threatening to nuke the United States and Lindsay Lohan's dog died
  • — Babe: Alec Baldwin's rude thoughtless little pig of a daughter shot some sexy modeling pics for The New York Post, Alec's arch-nemesis
  • — Fat Hog: Keith is shocked by accusations that he hates fat people, despite pig being one of the most-used words in his vocabulary
  • — Calori-eesh: A New York Times reporter found a shocking discrepancy between restaurants' reported calorie totals and their actual calorie count
  • — The Balcony Is Closed: Roger Ebert went to the big thumbs-up in the sky after succumbing to complications related to his jaw cancer
  • — Stugotz: A man was caught for mugging a woman in a subway stop after his sweatshirt — bearing the letters of his fraternity and his nickname — was caught on security camera
  • — Black Hole Of Attention: Myka once wore white to the wedding of a man who used to be in love with her
  • — Next Level Jokes: Jimmy Fallon is taking over Jay Leno's Tonight Show hosting duties starting in 2014, and we will never find a cure for cancer


Myka FoxMyka Fox

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