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1765: Tell the Bartender

There's such a thin line to using your ass to get me hard and not killing me. April 25, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Tell The Bartender: Katharine Heller, who's seen a lot of dark stuff during her tenure as a bartender in NYC, is in the studio
  • — Foodies: Katharine's foolproof advice for getting the time of day from an attractive bartender: bring them food
  • — Ted Talks: On her podcast, Katharine interviewed a man who was Ted Nugent's firstborn son but was put up for adoption
  • — Orange Wedges: Keith was too cute when he was a youngster on the soccer team, and he as named Class Clown of his 1992 graduating class
  • — Cough Drops: The Cinnamon Challenge is back with a vengeance if you believe experts who are warning about how dangerous it is
  • — Pedigree: The Boston Marathon bombers got the gunpowder for their bombs from the same fireworks shop in New Hampshire where the failed Times Square bomber shopped

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