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1827: Brolo's Got Talent

with Brother Love August 8, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Caliente: Brother Love, visiting from Nashville to appear on a podcast in iTunes' 'What's Hot' section, is in studio
  • — Disgusting: BeyoncĂ© debuted her vomitous new pixie haircut, which makes Keith want to throw up and die
  • — Ladylike: Keith's tolerance for his dog's rambunctious behavior immediately plummeted once he realized she was a girl
  • — Hi, My Name Is Dolphin: Dolphins are very smart and have impressive memories according to a recent study (possibly conducted by dolphins)
  • — America's Got Commercials: Keith and Brother Love attended a taping of America's Got Talent with their respective lovers
  • — Future Anorexic: A man eating a sandwich in an airport cafĂ© discovered that the Parmesan cheese on the bread was actually live maggots
  • — Trashnado: A dead shark was discovered aboard a subway train in New York City and was promptly, and unceremoniously, thrown away
  • — Where Are They Now?: An actor who appeared in The Sandlot was arrested for head-butting a cop after he was told he was too drunk to board a plane
  • — Life Imitates Art: A young teen obsessed with The Amityville Horror killed his family in a manner similar to what the film depicted
  • — Shine On: Brother Love talks about the touring musician life and gives a progress update on his band's debut album


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