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1876: American Spirit

with Dan Soder November 13, 2013

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Show Notes

  • — Boyz II Men: Dan Soder, ready to seduce all of KATG's listeners, is in studio
  • — Destination Wedding: Hawaii has legalized gay marriage
  • — Rap God: Keith is amazed by everyone pretending Eminem isn’t really homophobic
  • — Club Soder: Dan has successfully quit drinking as well as cigarettes
  • — Soft Drunks: Until 2011, Russia didn't consider anything with less than 10% alcohol per volume to be actually alcoholic
  • — KO-caine: Mike Tyson was high on cocaine during his major fights
  • — The Black Guys Who Get Tipped: Rod, of The Black Guy Who Tips podcast, talks about Keith's discomfort with black people serving him
  • — What A Cuntfuck: Dan gets too excited about football to watch it with people


Dan SoderDan Soder

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