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1891: Playboy

KATG Storytellers with Adam Wade December 11, 2013

Show Notes

  • — Bicoastal: Get your tickets now for NYC Podfest, featuring Keith and The Girl
  • — American Keith Story: Keith loves American Horror Story and is going as far as recommending it to people
  • — Floppy Gilmore: Adam Sandler is Hollywood's most overpaid actor
  • — The Nelson Mandela Fiasco: Nelson Mandela's funeral featured a fake sign language translator and Barack Obama's flirty selfies
  • — Sorry Miley: Pope Francis is TIME Magazine's Person of the Year; Keith and Chemda are displeased
  • — Shop ‘Til You Drop: A Chinese man committed suicide in a mall after his girlfriend refused to stop shopping after 5 hours
  • — Now You’re A Man: Adam Wade talks about the Playboy magazine rite of passage and his parents' reaction to his 'film review' magazines

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