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1943: Spank You Very Much

March 17, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Going Green: Keith and Chemda are in studio to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
  • — Oysturds: Keith begrudgingly complains to his favorite oyster place about the quality of their oysters; Chemda went through a similar ordeal over catfish
  • — Chill Out: Chemda didn’t know how much heat would cost now that she is renting an apartment so now she doesn’t have heat
  • — #ToastToWater: Coca-Cola tweeted out its celebration of water; Keith reads (and replies to) some choice #ToastToWater tweets
  • — Capitalistic Society?: Somebody created a video that spliced clips of Duke student Belle Knox giving an interview about how much she loves being an empowered women in porn with clips of her neck being violently choked and her face getting smacked and invaded by strange penis
  • — That’s How The Greeks Like It: Keith saw 300: Rise of an Empire, and while it wasn’t as ‘brilliant’ and ‘groundbreaking’ as its predecessor, it was still ‘very very good’ as it’s the first professional 3D porno Keith has seen
  • — Times Are Tough: An Oscar-nominated actor who appeared in Captain Phillips is now broke and prospect-less in Los Angeles; Katherine Heigl is crowd-sourcing to raise money to finish her new film even though she won’t put her own money behind it
  • — Dislike: Keith was banned from Facebook for 12 hours after quoting deleted comments on one of his statuses (and was likely reported by the person who made the original comments)
  • — It’s Okay Half Of The Time: 50% of KATG’s female listeners enjoy being cat-called
  • — Thanks For Agreeing With Me, Chemda: 19 states still allow teachers to spank students, which Keith and Chemda argue about

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