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1995: Danny's Mom (Ay Dios Mio)

With Danny Hatch and Tom Shillue – Louis C.K. doesn’t want you watching video of Ardie Fuqua; Danny’s mom calls in; Danny’s dominatrix; Starbucks activism June 13, 2014

Show Notes

  • — That Sounded Good: Tom Shillue and Danny Hatch, who both have great credits, are in studio
  • — King Louis: Louis C.K. demanded that TMZ take down a video of Ardie Fuqua after the accident he was in; Tom thinks TMZ is always bad and doesn’t understand why people are mad at just 1 specific video and why each thing Louis tweets warrants multiple news articles about it
  • — Mama Mia: Danny’s mom calls into the show on her birthday and Keith nudges the conversation into Danny’s recent experience with a dominatrix
  • — Cool Beans: Starbucks will soon allow customers to wirelessly charge their phones; Tom conducted an experiment to see how much money Starbucks spends per year to charge phones and laptops, and shares with us some inspiring tales of Starbucks-related activism
  • — Shoot For The Moon: A man was arrested for shooting at the moon when he thought he was shooting at Halley's Comet, which gives Keith a new sting operation idea to get rid of stupid people's guns
  • — 30 Days To Homelessness: Danny’s lease is up in a month, and he’s looking for a new apartment and some money to help pay for that

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