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2032: The Mental Illness Happy Hour

Fantasy football; An MMA fighter beats his porn star ex-girlfriend; Robin Williams commits suicide; 5 ex-maids of Michael Jackson’s explain what they saw; Did Tony Stewart deliberately run over Kevin Ward, Jr.? August 12, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Gridiron Master: Fantasy football is Dungeons & Dragons with shoulder pads
  • — Spousal Abuse Machine: An MMA fighter named War Machine beat the shit out of his porn star ex-girlfriend and is now on the run with a $10,000 bounty on his head
  • — Lines!: Keith and Chemda eulogize noted actor/comedian/joke thief Robin Williams, who killed himself at 63
  • — King Of Poop: 5 of Michael Jackson's ex-maids shed light on what a literally disgusting perverted animal he was
  • — Rubbin's Racin': Did NASCAR driver Tony Stewart deliberately run over fellow competitor Kevin Ward, Jr.?

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