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2072: Foreshadowing

With Dylan Marron – Welcome to Night Vale; The KATG Spoiler Controversy; how men propose to one another; gay bullying; Monica Lewinsky’s woes; supporting the church while being gay October 21, 2014

Show Notes

  • — Airplane Mode: Dylan Marron, cast-member on Welcome to Night Vale, is in studio
  • — Gilmoregate: Keith, Chemda, and Danny deal with the fallout from the Gilmore Girls spoiler controversy with the help of Judge Dylan and some Dungeons & Dragons dice
  • — Foreshadowing: Dylan talks about his romantic and post-modern engagement to his boyfriend
  • — Closet Case: Dylan’s parents were more accepting of his sexuality than young Dylan was, and Dylan’s fellow high school boys practiced a very bizarre method of homophobia
  • — Great Timing: Monica Lewinsky joined Twitter, and the gang argues about how she was treated by the media in the wake of her affair with Bill Clinton
  • — Gifts And Qualities: Dylan's fiancé grew up in the church and works for a seminary


Dylan MarronDylan Marron

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