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A look back at classic KATG shows from the past. Like fine wine mixed with ignorant vulgar. The guests and stories that stood out.

5: Just the Tip

with Robert Kelly December 26, 2014

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Show Notes

  • — Warm Cake: Sticking the tip of your penis into a warm and moist vagina is such a great feeling for everyone
  • — Show Me Your Diaper: A 95-year-old woman was forced to remove her diaper because her dried and caked urine posed a possible terrorist threat at the airport
  • — Desensitizing Your Sex Life: Robert Kelly has trouble doing anything dirty with his wife because he views her as a pure woman
  • — Unplugged From The Matrix: Robert talks about his sex-capades and why we do crazy sexual things
  • — Blood And Tears: It’s okay to cry, and Robert finds period sex to be on par with poop sex
  • — Good Choice: Having other men hit on your girl confirms that you are dating a hot-ass woman
  • — We Are Having Sex: Sex with a black girl is a way different experience than trying to warm up your average white chick
  • — Circle Jerks: If you didn’t at least masturbate in front of your buddies as a kid, there might be something wrong with you
  • — Something Happened: The first time Keith jerked off, he was in the same position as when you receive the body of Christ at church
  • — Giving and Receiving: Not all girls getting dick pics from famous dudes are in it for the money and fame
  • — Power and Violence: Robert was physically abused by his step-father for years and years until one day he took a stand
  • — Thanks Pal: Isn't it a shame that comics can’t feel anything or relate to their friend’s feelings?
  • — Milking Me: Jim Norton doesn’t like threesomes. I don’t want to bang a she-male, so I can relate to that.
  • — School: Robert wishes he could go back and learn the basics of math and grammar
  • — Severing Ties: Robert doesn’t want to reconnect with his abusive stepfather
  • — Worth It: Robert isn't going to avoid saying something funny on stage just because his wife might be offended
  • — Just A Sip: Robert had his first drink in the 1st grade, but has been sober for 25 years now
  • — Go Tiger: Tiger Woods finally got an ad endorsement. For topical cream. In Japan.
  • — Pulling Out: Anthony Weiner’s creepy looking wife is finally leaving him
  • — Borders: Everybody cheats in their head, unless you’re Chris Hansen, then you do it for real


Robert KellyRobert Kelly


Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly
The woman whose diaper was checked by the TSA
The woman whose diaper was checked by the TSA
Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin
Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin
Tiger Woods' new ad endorsement
Tiger Woods' new ad endorsement
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen
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