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2158: FML

with Jason Nash – Vince Neil sings The Star-Spangled Banner; Do you sing the n-words in rap songs?; Jason’s next movie and friendships with people half your age; Bill Cosby’s heckler revisited; Jackie Martling calls in; Easter and Passover; Robert Durst on the All Good Things DVD commentary; the Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Jon Stewart’s replacement Trevor Noah; Ari Shaffir blasts a fat, one-armed fellow comic April 3, 2015

Show Notes

  • — The Auteur: Jason Nash, creator of the film Jason Nash Is Married, is in studio
  • — Dr. Singbad: Vince Neil sang The Star-Spangled Banner at an arena football game
  • — I Say It In The Car: Jason asks Keith and Chemda what they do when they encounter the n-word in rap songs
  • — FML: Jason discusses the Kickstarter for his new film, based on the real-life friendship he has with his much younger co-star
  • — Dr. Hecktable: 83% of KATG’s listeners are proud of the people going to Bill Cosby’s shows simply to heckle him
  • — The Real Deal: Jackie ‘The Joke Man’ Martling calls in with another lightning-fast joke
  • — Over It: Easter Monday is not a recognized holiday in most states. Jason and Chemda commiserate over Passover.
  • — Please Arrest Me: Robert Durst recorded DVD commentary for All Good Things, where the only issue he took with the film about how he murdered 3 people was the claim it made about him killing his dog
  • — But My Religion Is Having Gay Sex: Indiana just passed a version of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, allowing business owners to refuse service based on their religious beliefs
  • — Tragedy Plus Time: Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s newly-announced The Daily Show replacement, is in trouble for bad jokes he made on Twitter years before he was hired. Ari Shaffir used a fellow comic's full name to make fun of her on one of his past specials.


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