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2219: I Want to Ride My Bicycle

with Jena Axelrod and Paul Murdock – Jackie Martling’s show; How old is too old for children?; the inevitable danger of bicycles; accidental selfie shooting; the most brilliant minds agree on the dangers of AI; prostitute kills serial killer; death from car sex; faking live musical performances; pilot invites models to fly plane July 30, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Is This A Test?: Jena Axelrod and Paul Murdock, who are dating and met through comedy, are in studio
  • — What Are You Gonna Do?: Keith and Chemda met Jena while they were guests on Jackie Martling’s show, where she provided microphone and moral support
  • — Egg Timer: Jena, who is almost 41 and has been dating Paul, 37, for 3 years, was told by her gynecologist to hurry up and have kids
  • — Armed And Dangerous: While Paul and Jena were riding their bicycles together, Paul hit a pothole and DESTROYED his arm. For the 12+ hours they were at the hospital, a Riker’s Island inmate in the next room masturbated to Jena. Paul still plans on getting back in the saddle once his arm heals, but Jena is nervous about it.
  • — Russian Roulette 2015: A Russian woman accidentally killed herself after taking a selfie with her co-worker’s gun to her head
  • — Windex And War Games: Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking have issued a warning about killer robots, calling a global artificial intelligence arms race ‘virtually inevitable.’ Jena the Brazilian jiu-jitsu expert is prepared for the apocalypse.
  • — Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Using the man’s own gun, a prostitute fatally shot a john who came with a ‘kill kit’ and a list of escorts and who is most likely connected to the serial murders of several sex workers in multiple states
  • — Death Cab For Cutie: A man and woman died of carbon monoxide that leaked in through their car’s rusty exhaust pipe while they were having sex
  • — Watermelon Pie: 32% of the audience, including Paul, has faked a live musical performance
  • — Upright And Locked Position: An airline pilot invited a Playboy model and her friend into the cockpit mid-flight, where they received champagne and touched controls

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