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2240: Rent Control

with Josh Gondelman – Social media negativities and emoticons; Gossip Queen Patrice Chentelle Callender; giving and receiving compliments; carny scams September 2, 2015

Show Notes

  • — Stay Positive: Josh Gondelman, Emmy nominee, is in studio
  • — You Blew It!: Josh is the author of a new book about how you've already ruined your life
  • — The White Thumb: The gang discusses the negative nature of social media
  • — Donkey On The Edge: An ex-roommate of former KATG guest Patrice, whom you'll remember scammed multiple friends and listeners out of many thousands of dollars, writes in with more examples of Patrice's shady and sociopathic ways
  • — You're Welcome: Josh talks about how he stopped letting people take advantage of him. The gang discusses compliment giving and receiving etiquette.
  • — An Unconscionable Amount Of Money: Josh was scammed by a Coney Island boardwalk game. Keith revisits his shell game ripoff saga.

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