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2319: Look Into My Eyes

with Dan Soder and Joe List – Sobriety; the benefits of political handshaking; comedian making eye contact; Planned Parenthood donations; suicide airplane bomber kills only self; Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz a pussy; SNL-alum Hillary Clinton condemns Bernie Sanders for being on SNL; Martin Shkreli vs. Ghostface Killah February 9, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Colorado Sober: Dan Soder and Joe List, neither of whom drink anymore, are in studio
  • — Shit Shoe Guy: Joe, who was only 2 months dry when he last appeared on KATG, gives an update on his sobriety and retells the story of his feces-and-vomit-covered rock bottom
  • — The Easiest Mark In Politics: A supporter of Bernie Sanders to the tune of $100, Joe almost became a Martin O’Malley supporter after meeting him at an airport.
  • — Please Laugh At Me: The gang discusses making eye contact with audience members from the stage
  • — No More Baby Parts: Joe, who had a crazy wart situation, and Chemda send monthly donations to Planned Parenthood. Dan tried to donate but they wouldn’t take his money.
  • — Wheelchair People: A suicide bomber who evaded Somali airport security because he was in a wheelchair detonated a bomb in an airplane but ended up killing only himself. Donald Trump thinks terrorists deserve waterboarding and anyone who says otherwise, including Ted Cruz, is a pussy.
  • — Lie From New York: Hillary Clinton called out Bernie Sanders for appearing on Saturday Night Live instead of going to Flint like she did, omitting the fact that she was on SNL in October
  • — Plead The Fifth: $2,000,000 Wu-Tang Clan album owner Martin Shkreli’s recent court antics and Ghostface Killah threat video are discussed

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