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2331: Acting Out

with Mary Sean Young and Jena Axelrod – Jena and Paul Murdock separate; Sean recounts her career and Hollywood’s systematic destruction of it; Hollywood drug use; Sean’s 2012 Academy Awards arrest; Jena’s quantum physics documentary; 23-year-old poses as a high school student; Keith the nanny; Hollywood gender roles; raising kids in Hollywood; Skating with the Stars February 25, 2016

Show Notes

  • — He’s An Ass-Grabber, I Guess: Mary Sean Young and Jena Axelrod, who know each other through Jackie Martling, are in studio
  • — Another Bad Break: Jena talks about her breakup with Paul Murdock and the earring she got stuck in her ear as a result
  • — Clipped Wings: Sean, who starred in such films as Blade Runner and Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, shares her theory on why her acting career faded
  • — Celebrity Rehab: Sean discusses her experiences with cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and reality television
  • — The Black Belt: Sean clears the air regarding her arrest outside of the 2012 Academy Awards
  • — It Seems Deep: Jena is the director of a new documentary about quantum physics
  • — Something Doesn’t Add Up: A 23-year-old Ukrainian man is in jail after posing as a high school sophomore with a 4.16 GPA. Jena was the self-proclaimed World’s Worst Calculus Tutor in college. Keith is the worst manny ever.
  • — Kitten’s Got Claws: Sean reveals the tough lessons she learned and roles she lost as a woman in Hollywood in the 1980s, and her thoughts on gender roles today
  • — That’s So Gay: Sean discusses raising her 2 adult sons, and her time on Skating with the Stars

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