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2351: Goo Goo Gottfried

with Gilbert and Dara Gottfried – Gilbert’s wife/handler; Gilbert’s frugality and its effect on Dara; parenting styles; Aladdin’s Iago and why Mr. Mxyzptlk won’t be in Batman v. Superman; a political update; Gilbert is a Hollywood controlling Jew and the unsexist person alive; Katt Williams’s anger streak; KATG cures depression March 24, 2016

Show Notes

  • — The Happy Couple: Gilbert Gottfried and his wife Dara are in studio
  • — I Love Hearing All These Numbers: Gilbert, who just turned 61, has been doing stand-up for over 45 years
  • — Teamwork: Dara remembers everyone in Gilbert’s life so Gilbert doesn’t have to
  • — Endearing: Dara and Gilbert discuss the extent of Gilbert’s penny-pinching ways, the difference between their parenting styles, and possible reasons why he doesn't have a driver's license
  • — Very Animated: Gilbert discusses his lucrative role as Aladdin’s Iago and why his Mr. Mxyzptlk won’t be appearing in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
  • — Hitler Without The Warmth: Gilbert talks about his experience with bean-spiller/presidential candidate Donald Trump on The Celebrity Apprentice. Keith worries about the vocal chords of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
  • — Some Very Impressive Jews: Gilbert, who can name all the hottest Jewish women, was honored to be included on a white supremacist’s list of Jews who are controlling Hollywood. He was also honored to top a newspaper’s list of the unsexiest men in the world.
  • — Pussy Williams: The gang discusses Katt Williams’s very eventful month, where he got into a brawl with and pointed a gun at a group of female fans, attacked a pool store employee, punched a group of ‘rappers’ who made fun of his height, tackled someone onstage during a hip-hop show, was arrested on gun and drug charges after his home was raided, and punched a 7th grader, who then easily subdued and beat him up on video
  • — She Sounds Scary: Keith shares a letter from a longtime listener whose post-breakup depression was alleviated by listening to KATG

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