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2364: Alien Nation

with Jono Zalay and Danny Hatch – Housing your parents; jury duty; Harrison Ford, domestic abuser and controlled substance taker; Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sexually abused children; the hottest baby names of 2016; how to kill yourself neatly; the Duggar family and Caitlyn Jenner’s manipulations; pot brownie leaves girl paralyzed; the existence of space aliens; the gun that looks like an iPhone; Melissa McCarthy joins Gilmore Girls remake; Hardcore Henry reviewed April 13, 2016

Show Notes

  • — She Blinded Me With Science: Jono Zalay, neuroscientist, and Danny Hatch, boyfriend of a neuroscientist, are in studio
  • — Stop 1: Jono showed his parents all around NYC when they came to visit him
  • — Lunch Court: Jono discusses his Jury Duty experience. Keith and Chemda reminisce about the Sue Everybody photoshoot.
  • — The Fugitive: Harrison Ford was briefly in Huntington Beach, CA’s police system for domestic abuse and possession of a controlled substance thanks to a training exercise gone wrong
  • — This Week In Creeps: Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert sexually abused children when he coached high school sports. A retired cop drank poison in court right after he was found guilty of molesting a 9-year-old girl. The gang discusses the hottest baby names of 2016.
  • — Sleepwalk With Me: A woman tried to leap to her death while wrapped in a sleeping bag so she wouldn’t make a mess
  • — The 11th Commandment: The Duggar family manipulates everything about their reality shows, including the food they supposedly donate to poor families
  • — Bruce Gender: According to a new book, golfer Caitlyn Jenner purposefully timed her coming out to distract people from the fatal car accident she caused
  • — Extreme Couch Lock: A girl is suing her school after she unknowingly ate a pot brownie another student sold her, which has apparently left her paralyzed
  • — Life On Mars?: The gang argues the existence of space aliens
  • — Call 911: New York Senator Chuck Schumer wants to ban the sale of a new gun that looks just like an iPhone
  • — The Boss: Melissa McCarthy is returning to the Gilmore Girls remake, which she happened to coincidentally announce right after her latest movie pulled in terrible reviews
  • — Shaken Up: Keith reviews Hardcore Henry

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