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2389: Digging Up Mother

with Doug Stanhope – Doug’s thrift store suits and scabies; Doug’s friendship with Johnny Depp; the cover similarities between Keith and Doug’s books; Doug and Bingo’s relationship; Doug’s mother’s murder/suicide; unfortunate sexual experiences; bonding with Mitch Hedberg on acid May 18, 2016

Show Notes

  • — The Greatest: Doug Stanhope, perhaps the greatest comedian living or dead, is in studio
  • — The Love Bug: Doug wears wacky thrift shop suits but he’s not worried about bed bugs. He recalls the time he accidentally gave an unrequited love scabies.
  • — Read All About It: Doug's new book comes with a foreword by Johnny Depp and a suspiciously similar cover...
  • — Cruisin’ Together: Doug’s girlfriend Bingo joins the show to discuss their relationship’s recent rough patch
  • — Murder/Suicide: The gang discuss some anecdotes from his book, such as Doug’s mother’s death, his various unfortunate sexual experiences, and the time he bonded with Mitch Hedberg on acid


Doug StanhopeDoug Stanhope

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