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2390: Open Tabs

with Anthony DeVito – Robin Wright demands equal pay; Art of Brooklyn Film Festival; Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama; accidental shootings; Wendell Pierce fights Bernie Sanders supporters; a congressional candidate accidentally posts his computer porn tabs; Mississippi still has segregated schools; Lenny Dykstra admits to taking HGH; Iran believes Kim Kardashian is a spy; Caitlyn Jenner may de-transition; Lamar Odom is invited back to the brothel where he overdosed May 19, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Sign Up To The SAG: Anthony DeVito, whose Twitter handle doesn’t have an underscore like another Anthony DeVito we know, is in studio
  • — The Price Is Wright: Anthony, who has appeared on an episode of House of Cards, gives his take on Robin Wright’s fight for equal pay
  • — We Gon Be Alright: Anthony is the co-founder and director of communications of the upcoming Art of Brooklyn Film Festival
  • — Ignorance Is A Virtue: Donald Trump had an intellectual response to Barack Obama’s Rutgers speech
  • — Knuckleheaded: A man attending a high school graduation accidentally shot himself and a female bystander with a gun hidden in his sock. More Americans are killed by a gun on accident than on purpose.
  • — Hillary 2016: The gang discusses some newly revealed details in the Wendell Pierce/Bernie Sanders supporters smackdown
  • — Keeping Tabs On Politics: A Virginia congressional candidate is the latest politician to accidentally post a screenshot of his browser with porn tabs in the background
  • — What Racism?: After a protracted legal battle, a federal judge has ordered Cleveland, Mississippi to officially desegregate its schools
  • — Honey Nut HGH: Retired baseball star Lenny Dykstra admitted to putting performance enhancing drugs in his cereal
  • — The Hateful Cait: Iran believes Kim Kardashian is a spy. According to the author of a Kardashians expose, Caitlyn Jenner is considering de-transitioning
  • — Comeback Story: The owner of the brothel where Lamar Odom went into a coma has invited Lamar back for 2 free girls and all the alcohol he can drink

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