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2445: Talk Stoop

with Kerry Coddett – Deodorant and cancer; staying informed about police shootings; San Francisco Police Officers Association releases picture comparing Black Lives Matter to dogs; man injured in shootout with police when they come to the wrong house; 9-1-1 stories; Kerry’s SNL experience; Olympics update; R. Kelly dating 19-year-old; Bow Wow retires from rap; Bon Voyage, Liam McEneaney; Keith’s Paul McCartney concert review; one-third of KATG audience is wrong August 9, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Overfab: Kerry Coddett, with whom Chemda is obsessed, is in studio
  • — Blasted Parking Meter: Kerry gave organic deodorant a try due to cancer concerns
  • — Operation Mobilize: In light of the numerous recent police shootings of black people, Kerry has taken it upon herself to stay informed and inform others about police accountability
  • — In The Doghouse: Already in hot water over its officers' racist text messages, the San Francisco Police Officers Association is further upsetting civilians by publishing a picture in its newsletter that equated Black Lives Matters activists with dogs
  • — See Something, Say Something: A 76-year-old man was injured in a shootout with the police, who came to the wrong address. The gang swaps examples of their various poor interactions with 9-1-1.
  • — Saturday White Live: Kerry wrote an article about Saturday Night Live’s black women problem, which went viral and led to her getting an audition
  • — Gold Medal: The United States is in 1st place in the 2016 Rio Olympics
  • — Sex Me: 49-year-old R. Kelly, best known for getting away with raping and urinating on an underage girl on video, is dating a 19-year-old
  • — Final Bow: Bow Wow has announced his retirement from rap at the ripe old age of 29
  • — Congrats Liam: Comedian and frequent KATG guest Liam McEneaney is retiring from NYC as he has already reached as high as one can go in New York
  • — Let It Be: Keith had a great time at the Paul McCartney concert with his top-tier friend Ray DeVito, despite the jerks they were sitting around
  • — This Is Bananas: Only 1 KATG listener believes Alex Engelbert will stay sober. 33% of KATG’s audience is wrong about their favorite Runts flavor.


Kerry CoddettKerry Coddett

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