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2448: Burn Unit

with Christi Chiello – Comedy Central’s Roast Battle; Skype therapy; how to fake a pregnancy; 1 in 8 Americans regularly smoke weed; Airbnb robberies; woman shot by instructor at gun safety course; Troy Ave explains why the Irving Plaza shooting is the venue’s fault; man brings what looks like an assault rifle on the Long Island Railroad; Donald Trump implies gun nuts should kill Hillary Clinton, pregnant women and paid leave, Michelle Obama vs. Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump poses as his own publicists over the phone August 12, 2016

Show Notes

  • — Queen Of Mean: Christi Chiello, fresh from Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, is in studio
  • — Talk Therapy: Christi’s therapist moved to Long Island so now Christi Skypes with her
  • — Baby On Board: Christi faked a pregnancy to get a seat on the train
  • — The Green Party: 1 in 8 Americans smoke pot regularly, including Malia Obama
  • — Housing Market: NYC has seen a rash of Airbnb robberies lately
  • — On Ice: A woman died after actually being shot with a live round during a gun safety course
  • — Shots!: Troy Ave says it was Irving Plaza’s fault that he was able to get a gun inside the venue and shoot it up. While cosplaying as a Suicide Squad character, a man brought an air rifle modified to look like an assault rifle aboard the Long Island Rail Road.
  • — Election 2016: At a rally, Donald Trump called on 'Second Amendment people’ to ‘do something’ about Hillary Clinton. Ivanka Trump called for paid maternity leave for mothers while forgetting that her own company doesn’t offer it. Michelle Obama roasted Hillary Clinton back in 2008. The Donald used to masquerade as his own publicist under the names John Miller, John Baron, and Donald Baron.

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