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2459: Sister Morphine

with Wendi Starling and Krystyna Hutchinson – Wendi’s literal sexual demon; My Name Is Keith recap; meeting Ashanti and Ja Rule; Wendi’s sugar daddy update; Chemda’s biopsy; Don’t Breathe and Hell or High Water reviewed; speed-walking Olympian soils himself on TV; Michael Moore defends Ryan Lochte; Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during NFL preseason game’s National Anthem August 28, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — Glamorous Pussies: Wendi Starling and Krystyna Hutchinson, co-hosts of the Glamourpuss stand-up show, are in studio
  • — Bruce: Wendi, who got very handsy with her drunk self after recording My Name Is Keith, has a recurring dream where a demon chokes her and wakes her up with an orgasm
  • — Let’s Touch Butts: Krystyna paid $50 to meet Ashanti and Ja Rule
  • — Payroll: Wendi gives an update on her married sugar daddy, who’s so nice to her that she thinks she could actually be in a real relationship one day. Krystyna has never prostituted herself but she won’t rule it out.
  • — Mighty Morphine Power Ranger: Chemda had her biopsy on Thursday but won’t know the results until next Thursday. She is now a morphine addict. Krystyna shares her own ovary-bursting morphine experience.
  • — What Movies Did Keith Hate This Weekend?: Keith reviews Don’t Breathe and Hell or High Water. Krystyna loves Anthony Weiner now that she’s seen the Weiner documentary.
  • — Tough Shit: A French speed-walking champion has suffered a series of unfortunate Olympics mishaps since 2008, including soiling himself and collapsing on the track in Rio
  • — Dancing With The Liars: Ryan Lochte will appear on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars thanks to a deal made before he lied about being mugged in Rio. Michael Moore is defending Ryan on Facebook.
  • — What About The Troops: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has faced strong backlash for refusing to stand during a preseason game’s singing of the National Anthem out of solidarity for black lives

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