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2460: Weiner as in Penis

with Naomi Ekperigin – The racial implications regarding Colin Kaepernick; dads that try to reconnect; the National Theatre for the Deaf; U.S. vs. Canada; Anthony Weiner’s at it again; Mariah Carey threw fiancé’s laptop out the window for playing Beyoncé for her; how inmates get drugs; Gene Wilder dies; the McChicken trends; interracial couples August 30, 2016

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Show Notes

  • — What's In A Naomi: Naomi Ekperigin, whose name we’re not rushing through, is in studio
  • — USA! USA!: The backlash Colin Kaepernick received for his National Anthem protest vs. the relatively lenient response to Ryan Lochte’s Rio incident shows how racist people are
  • — Is That Child Abuse?: Naomi was born and raised in Harlem and was 1 of 6 black students in a class of 118
  • — Daddy Issues: Naomi was raised by a single mother after her dad left when she was 5. She doesn’t really see him anymore and won’t until she gets an adequate apology from him.
  • — I Saw The Sign: After college, Naomi toured with the National Theatre for the Deaf
  • — Gymnastics = Freedom: After watching the Rio Olympics, Naomi is now obsessed with gymnastics. Keith sets a Canadian listener straight about the United States vs. Canada’s Olympics records.
  • — Weiners And Losers: Just a day after Krystyna Hutchinson proclaimed her love for Anthony Weiner, his wife Huma Abedin announced she was leaving him in response to yet another sexting scandal
  • — All I Want For Christmas Is Me: Mariah Carey once threw her fiancé's laptop out the window because he played a Beyoncé song to seduce her. Mariah’s sister was busted in an undercover prostitution sting.
  • — You Do The Meth: At least 6 death row inmates in California died of drug overdoses in jail. How did they get the drugs?
  • — I’ve Got Some News: Gene Wilder died of Alzheimer’s at 83
  • — 100% Dark Meat: The McChicken is trending thanks to a viral video featuring a man having sex with one
  • — Jew Boo: Naomi is engaged to Jewish comedian Andy Beckerman, but she only catches flak for being in an interracial relationship when she’s looking good

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