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2544: Fearless

with J.P. McDade — Holiday glitter; Comedy Central's Roast Battle, Schtick or Treat, and 50 First Jokes; NFL's Shane Olivea took 125 Vicodin per day, and a stepson kills his stepmom for celebrating a Cowboys victory; paddle boarding and swimmers; Australia's offensive tourism campaign; KATG polls, and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Passengers reviewed January 9, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — James Patrick: Fellow glitter hater J.P. McDade is in studio
  • — Under The Belt: J.P. talks about his recent experience on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle
  • — I’m The Greatest Comedian Of All Time: J.P. shows off his Anthony Jeselnik impression. J.P. also performed on 50 First Jokes, the show where comics tell the first jokes they wrote in the new year (unless they're cheating).
  • — Football Time: Former NFL star Shane Olivea took 125 Vicodin a day at the height of his painkiller addiction. Keith is only more confident his yearly Steelers Super Bowl bet will pay off. A woman is stabbed by her stepson for celebrating a Dallas Cowboys win.
  • — Down Under: Keith reviews paddle boarding and so-called swimmers. A new tourism billboard in Australia totally spells out the c-word.
  • — Grave Matters: According to KATG polls, only 19% of the audience thought Chemda would die from her tumor and 55% don’t think she should get radiation. 17.5% have had to clean up another adult’s defecation. Only 3 listeners had it tougher than their parents. 50% have been punched in the face, as has J.P. 22% believe the 14-year-old murderer can be rehabilitated and 60% are on Chemda’s side regarding the kid who was fatshamed by Santa. 30% have used a New Year’s Eve party to get a kiss from a crush. Roughly 30% have lost their wedding rings. 35% don’t like going out by themselves. 30% think Radiohead is worse than Buckcherry.
  • — Meh: Keith reviews Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Passengers


J.P. McDadeJ.P. McDade

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