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2550: What a Jerk

with Molly Knefel – Chemda’s health update; Molly laments Debbie Reynolds’ death; Donald Trump’s inauguration; improper masturbation techniques and sexual blackmail; woman’s fart in hospital causes severe burns January 18, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — RIP Chemda: Molly Knefel is in studio, but before we get to her, Chemda discusses her recent and ongoing fight with an unspecified, life-threatening illness
  • — Dying In The Rain: Molly was affected by the death of Debbie Reynolds, star of her favorite movie Singing in the Rain, and the first woman on screen she identified with
  • — Wrapped In A Warm Blanket Of Denial: Molly is going to Washington, D.C. to report on and protest Donald Trump’s inauguration. Rosa calls in, and the gang discusses ways guide Trump. Molly believes the Democratic Party must stop being centrist and start moving more to the left.
  • — Fun News Wednesday: A Queens volleyball coach is facing 7 years in prison for coercing one of his 15-year-old players into masturbating over FaceTime for him. A construction worker took bathroom photos of his ovarian cancer-suffering co-worker to blackmail her into sex. A man claims he was asleep when he groped his fellow passenger, and a Delta cargo boss has been accused of regularly publically masturbating at his desk. A man filled up a syringe with his own semen and sprayed it on unsuspecting female shoppers.
  • — Ending Strong: A Japanese woman farted during laser surgery, which resulted in a fire and severe burns all over her body


Molly KnefelMolly Knefel

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