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2554: How May We Pinch You?

with Todd Dakotah Briscoe –; How May We Hate You? and how your concierge feels about you; Donald Trump is the President of the United States January 23, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — Droid Guys, Come On Over: Todd Dakotah Briscoe is in studio to celebrate the new Keith and The Girl app
  • — I Loved It And It Was TV: Todd has appeared multiple times on MSNBC with Rev. Al Sharpton
  • — How Am I Here?: Todd used to work as a hotel concierge with Anna Drezen, with whom he made the smash hit blog (and book! [and TV show?!]) How May We Hate You?
  • — The Fake Movie Producer: Todd discusses some of the encounters he’s had in his time as a concierge and gives us an inside glimpse into the world of hotels
  • — Make America Grab Again: Inspired by the actions that got Donald Trump elected, Connecticut Republican politician was arrested for sexual assault after pinching the genitals of a woman he didn’t agree with politically. His lawyer said he was simply being playful. Chemda had a very nice interaction with a 20-year-old skateboarder on the train who managed to not be a creep. (How do men do it?!) Todd talks about his time on jury duty for a sexual assault case with jurors who didn’t understand how sex works let alone what sexual assault is.
  • — Streepshow: Todd will be playing Meryl Streep in an upcoming show featuring 11 other Meryl Streeps and one whole stick of butter, to be eaten by Todd

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