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2577: Spitballing

with Adam Burke – Ireland and the Troubles; Pre-Cana Classes; George 'The Animal' Steele dies; David Cassidy claims dementia; Ben Affleck’s falling apart; Lindsay Lohan and Karen Gravano sue Grand Theft Auto V; Milo Yiannopoulos’s pro-pedophilia comments, apology, and loss of his book deal; bull runs around Queens, NY February 24, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — What’s Up, VIP?: Andrea’s new spinoff is the greatest spinoff ever, and it’s coming out this week
  • — Weather Or Not: Guest Adam Burke talks Ireland, Catholic vs. Protestant, and Ireland vs. the U.S.
  • — God’s Guide To Orgasms: Before his wedding, Adam met with a 90-year-old pastor who told him how to give an orgasm and other essentials for a successful marriage. Before Keith’s wedding, his father tried to give him Pre-Cana Classes.
  • — Like An Animal: George 'The Animal' Steele, a wrestler notorious for biting the turnbuckle pads, has died
  • — Blame it On The Dementia: Video has come out of David Cassidy appearing drunk while performing – slurring and falling off stage. He then made a public statement saying the behavior was caused by his dementia.
  • — So Fucking Classy: Between hating Batman, Live by Night losing $75 million, and Jennifer Garner leaving him, Ben Affleck’s life is falling apart
  • — I Totally Do The Peace Sign Too: Lindsay Lohan and Karen Gravano are suing Rockstar Games for using their likenesses for a character in Grand Theft Auto V
  • — The Conservatives Turned On Me!: Milo Yiannopoulos lost his book deal and was disinvited from the CPAC because audio from podcast appearances has surfaced with him condoning pedophilia and molestation
  • — Raging Bull: A bull escaped from a slaughter house and ran through the streets of Queens, New York. If rich, Keith would adopt all animals that escape and break every Guinness world record that required no skill or struggle.


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