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2582: State of the Industry

With Andy Kindler – Andy’s comedy vitriol; Andy’s voiceover skills; judging Last Comic Standing; Andy’s mental afflictions; Andy’s home life; social media addiction; the need for atheists March 3, 2017

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Show Notes

  • — A Real Mensch: Andy Kindler, the comics’ comic, is in studio
  • — Call You Out: Andy discusses publically criticizing comics as Keith lists the people Andy has attacked
  • — Voice Of A Generations: Andy slams Seth MacFarlane’s voiceover work and gives a sample of his own voiceover talent
  • — I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This!: Andy explains his reasoning behind judging Last Comic Standing
  • — OCD & ADHD: Andy discusses his various mental afflictions
  • — DICE: Keith explains the history behind his accent
  • — Take My Wife…. Please: Andy discusses his home life and how he and his wife watch The Real Housewives
  • — #GoFuckYourself: Andy is unhealthily addicted to Twitter
  • — Religulous: Andy has a disdain for atheists and their adamant need to speak out against religion


Andy KindlerAndy Kindler

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