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2638: Disorderly Conduct

with Costaki Economopoulos and Andrea Allan – Children, football, and beauty pageants; Shaq admits the Earth is round; your lover’s past; joint custody; children discovering sex; how to be a superhero; Born in China’s dead snow leopard; rugby; Pizza Hut pepper spray; shooting off your penis May 25, 2017

Show Notes

  • — The Biggest Name In Show Business: Costaki Economopoulos, who is releasing his new album, is in studio
  • — The Three Nos: By a large margin, the audience agrees with Keith over Chemda regarding children playing football and participating in beauty pageants
  • — Flat-Earthers: Shaquille O'Neal backed out of his statements regarding the earth being flat
  • — Johnny Big Dick: Costaki is married and has a child from a previous partnership. He discusses (not) talking to your spouse about past relationships.
  • — Nailing It Sometimes: Costaki explains the hardships of joint custody
  • — You Should Get In On This: The gang debates when children start developing sexual preferences
  • — Sociopath V. Superhero: 50% of the audience thinks the baby killer that killed a 4-year-old with a belt should get beaten to death with a belt herself
  • — Sickos: Andrea Allan joins the group to discuss the hot topic of the dying snow leopard from the movie Born in China
  • — Cold Blooded: Andrea, animal softy and rugby-playing bad bitch explains the dangers of sport
  • — Disorderly Conduct: A manager in an Atlanta Pizza Hut sprayed an employee with pepper spray for not making a pizza The Pizza Hut Way
  • — If You Don't Use It, You Lose It: Robert C. Ahorner, a Nebraska man, threatened to shoot his penis off when his wife scolded him for watching porn

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